Thursday, January 14, 2016


Okay...  that title is a little jarring but you know what I mean. Why is it that it is more fun to plan out something than to actually do it. I read an article in the paper that agrees with me. A poll showed that  people were happier while planning their vacations than they were when they returned from said vacation. Now its true that they just might not have been happy to return home, but the gist of the article was there was joy in the planning with none of the troubles that doing something will always include... late airplanes, getting lost, long lines, etc. Well, I find I go through the same thing while making journals. I LOVE planning them. I love putting the right papers together, maybe dying some. Picking out envelopes or making them. Which stamps to use, what colors of ink. Choosing journalling cards and making tags. Joy exceeding great joy. I race down to the craft room and PLAN. Then, when all is ready and stacked and its time to put the journal together....cue the crickets. Ugh, Cutting out the papers to the right sizes, Stamping the pages (why oh why can I not stamp straight). Sewing the pages into the book. Why is this a chore? I haven't a clue. Is it just the nature of the beast? Ask me to go shopping to buy more stamps or dies, I'm there. Ask me to choose which stamps or dies to use and I'm a little quieter, ask me to sew that thing together and finish it already and I can think of a million things I have to do instead. A lady on youtube calls these things her in "I need to finish my PHD" (projects half done). So, there you have it. Thanks for letting me rant a bit. Its now time to grab a cup of coffee and get to work on my PHD    :D

Friday, January 1, 2016


Well, we made it to 2016. 2015 saw some great days and some not so great days, But I praise God in each of them. I started last year with a bread making hobby and after too many pounds gained, moved on to a journal making hobby. The new hobby only makes our bank account lose weight, though I've been able to sell a few journals and photo journals. Now, having spent the ENTIRE last day of 2015 cleaning the craft room and sorting through all the paper, I have come up with a few New Years Resolutions for myself. Here goes:
1. Do not keep any paper smaller than 3x3 inches. Even if it is very very pretty.
2. Turn scraps into something else within two days.
3. The to do basket may only have two projects in it at a time.
4. Put everything away right away.
5. Designate certain days for certain Sunday- watch yt videos to get ideas and play with           Cuddlebug Monday and Tuesday--journal making, Wednesday-         paperclips. Thursday-                  embellishments. Friday--tidy up. Saturday--walk away from the craft room
6. Remember this is FUN. Don't get overwhelmed.

As for the rest of my life, I think these resolutions fit there, too. Here's to a shiny new year :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


So, let's talk crafting while traveling. Whether on vacation, business or visiting family, I like some creative down time. I travel with my hubby and while he is doing his thing, I'm at the motel doing mine and I love it. Usually, I like to take this time to do small things: jazzed up paperclips, small banners or medallions that I can use later to fancy up journals and my favorites, tags and journaling cards. What do you bring, you may ask. My must haves:
1. corner punch. 
2. paper trimmer
3. small and larger scissors
4. a small cutting mat (wouldn't want to mar table top)
5. I like to bring my envelope punch board since it has so many uses besides envies
6. two sizes of circle punches
7. my metal ruler and craft knife
8. paint brushes, hole puncher, awl for journal binding..and my tapestry needle and string
9. a baggie of lace, buttons, small pieces of ribbon and papers for making paperclips fancy
10. lined and plain paper to fill journal
11. card stock, cardboard (already cut into tags) decorated paper for journals and for tags and journaling cards
13. glue stick, tacky glue, mod podge and double sided tape
14. ink pads
I put all of this into a large plastic case I got at HobbyLobby and I am good to go.

Happy travel crafting :)

Friday, October 9, 2015

Alterations At Home, Or Let's Make This Fit

How many time do we go shopping and come across that one shirt or dress that sings to us but it doesn't quite fit. With a sigh we move on. Not anymore.  I've found this lady on the internet, Beth Huntington. She's the Renegade Seamstress and she rocks altering clothes at home. She's on Ehow, has her own site and everyone is pinning her ideas on pinterest. All of her directions are easy to follow. Check her out here:

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hi everybody, I've got seven journals done and for sale. Two of them are 6x9 inches, the others are 4x6 inches. All of them have at least 30 journaling pages with plenty of tags, journal cards and beautifully decorated papers. They are hand sewn into their covers with the pockets and tuck spots glued in. Here is a picture of them:

La Femme Journal Flip Through

Monday, August 31, 2015


I'm turning sixty on Friday, September 4 and am in day two of my birthday week (running Sunday to Sunday). When I turned fifty I initiated the three day b'day celebration. By the time I turned 55, it morphed into a week long love fest to me. Okay, it didn't morph, it was more of a proclamation, a decree. And the hubby agreed to it. Oh happy Now here I must say I tried the year long celebration of my sixtieth year (you know, like Disneyland) but.....cue the crickets. That's okay, I'm fine with my week, which includes, a gift a day (dollar store is fine, its the thought that counts), my favorite desserts (calories don't count this week), meals cooked by the hubby (well, at least some of them) and we watch what I want on the television. Now, I am married to quite a poet and romantic and have throughout our entire marriage received homemade cards for birthday and I cannot wait to see what the king of my heart comes up with this year (he has not repeated himself in over 40 birthdays). Oh, and I'm guessing at some point there will be flowers, carnations to be exact.
So my thoughts this week as I ponder my life so far are totally full of thanksgiving, joy, and praise to the God who has led me all of my days. There have been tears, there have been harsh words, there have been ultimatums, there has been laughter, there has been forgiveness, there has been grace. In total, there has been love throughout my years given and received by parents, siblings, friends, husband, kids. And mostly by my Lord and Savior, who has shown me what true love is. I am blessed. and I am ready for the next sixty years. Oh, and look what hubby's idea of birthday breakfast is: