Thursday, November 29, 2012

A New Adventure

This blog is called Life in a Slower Lane because our kids are grown, I don't work outside our home and well, I'm on the farther side of should be slower, right? But its not, it seems its fuller, faster, at times more chaotic than ever and not always costing less money than when our children were home. We have kids and grandkids who live out of state and we struggle to keep up with them (thank God for facebook), a son in Los Angeles we rarely see (thank God for texting), kids and grandkids here in town that we see often and a daughter who still lives with us. I keep track of my mom's medical info and take her to all doctor appointments as I am the only one who doesn't have an outside job. My husband is a street evangelist not associated with a specific church which means we live off of the donations of people who believe in the work the Lord has called us to. So much of my time is spent finding new ways to live frugally...God is very good: we raised our children while in the ministry, we still find at the end of the month that everything has been paid for....a big thank God for that :). This blog is my new adventure and I invite you to come along as I explore couponing, savings, grandkids, aging moms, having adult kids still live at home and just the whole kit and kaboodle. Welcome and let's slow down a little. :)

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