Friday, November 30, 2012


Its Friday! I love Fridays. Always have. Its a big sigh of relief day as another week is finished, things got done (since the kids have grown up we get all our chores done during the week so weekends are fun, fun, fun), we can sleep in tomorrow (thought my hubby never does) and my favorite part is that it is $5 Friday at Vons. Yeah, I like $5 Friday at Vons a lot. So off we go to see what kind of $5 goodies we can find. I know that this week LUVS diapers are $5 and I have a $1 coupon so they will be only $4 which isn't bad for diapers (I give them to our daughter who still has two in diapers) and there is usually a great deal on $5lb. deli meat which lasts the whole week. And hubby's favorite $5 cookies, muffins and croissants. Yep, we've come to that...our date night is going to the grocery store which can be very romantic with the music and the aisles filled with deals that save us money :). What can I say...we live very very large.

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