Monday, August 31, 2015


I'm turning sixty on Friday, September 4 and am in day two of my birthday week (running Sunday to Sunday). When I turned fifty I initiated the three day b'day celebration. By the time I turned 55, it morphed into a week long love fest to me. Okay, it didn't morph, it was more of a proclamation, a decree. And the hubby agreed to it. Oh happy Now here I must say I tried the year long celebration of my sixtieth year (you know, like Disneyland) but.....cue the crickets. That's okay, I'm fine with my week, which includes, a gift a day (dollar store is fine, its the thought that counts), my favorite desserts (calories don't count this week), meals cooked by the hubby (well, at least some of them) and we watch what I want on the television. Now, I am married to quite a poet and romantic and have throughout our entire marriage received homemade cards for birthday and I cannot wait to see what the king of my heart comes up with this year (he has not repeated himself in over 40 birthdays). Oh, and I'm guessing at some point there will be flowers, carnations to be exact.
So my thoughts this week as I ponder my life so far are totally full of thanksgiving, joy, and praise to the God who has led me all of my days. There have been tears, there have been harsh words, there have been ultimatums, there has been laughter, there has been forgiveness, there has been grace. In total, there has been love throughout my years given and received by parents, siblings, friends, husband, kids. And mostly by my Lord and Savior, who has shown me what true love is. I am blessed. and I am ready for the next sixty years. Oh, and look what hubby's idea of birthday breakfast is:

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