Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Changing Lanes

Its been quite a while since I've posted. Life is still slower, but boy oh boy have I been busy. Garden is producing fantastic amounts of tomatoes. But for some reason, only tomatoes. The cukes and green beans are just sitting there all leafy and green but now veggies. Go figure. We are now down to two dogs, one cat, two rabbits, two birds; though our menagerie HAS grown by a turtle, a pigeon and a tarantula...yes, hubby bought a tarantula. I learned this winter how to make pretty good sourdough bread, though I've quit for the summer. Its alreadys in the 100s here in Bakersfield, kitchen doesn't need to get hotter. And my biggest change is that I've learned to make journals.....out of pretty paper, tea dyed paper and cereal and pasta boxes. I've through the years painted, sewed, crocheted and baked and this hobby puts it all together. In some of my next postings, I will include my tuorial videos on how I do this with some flip throughs of finished journals. And I've ready sold three! So this life in a slower lane has definitely gotten prettier.

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