Wednesday, August 19, 2015


The kids are grown, no more dental bills and need to buy school and/or athletic clothes and equipment. No more buying shoes that only fit for three months before they are outgrown. Yes, life in the slower lane is less expensive. Food bills go down, as do utilities and water bills. So there is a little extra money now for hobbies. Hubby likes to work with wood and I am using the same tree but in the way of paper, paper, paper to make journals and cards. So, how to craft without breaking the bank...because, well...have you ever been to Hobby Lobby? It is waaaaaay too easy to leave that place having spent close to $100. On paper. On sale. And of course, all of the paraphernalia that goes with it: glue, scissors (c'mon, you can't use your kitchen shears or sewing scissors) ribbon, paint, pencils, ink, stamps......well, you get the drift. And then you need to store everything, which brings me to the dollar store where, once again, its easy to spend waaaaaay too much money. Bins, boxes, and oh the school and office aisle for envelopes, washi tape (a pretty decorative tape) and stickers of every ilk, including lace. Yep, there is quite an resource supply for the junk journalist.
Okay, Jeanette, you were going to explain how to SAVE money, not spend it. Right,
Rule #1: Never buy full price. Wait for a sale or ...
        #2: Never go into a craft store without your 40% off coupon.
        #3. Dollar stores, Tuesday Morning, Walmart and your local thrift store are the first place to                      look for stamps, lined and unlined paper, glue (even the crafters dream-- modpodge), tape,                  stickers,  crayons, marking pens and seriously, sharpies..even the ultra fine point precision                  ones are 2/$1. Thrift stores will have stamps of all sorts, ribbons, lace and sometimes                            punches at rock  bottom prices. Don't forget garage sales.
        #4. Cheap storage. Once again, never pay top dollar. Those plastic drawers on wheels are great                 and you can find them at thrift stores sometimes, or at Walmart. But I like to use the plastic                 baskets and shoe boxes at the dollar store.
        #5. Free is best. I save all of the cardboard shoe boxes I get when buying shoes. Also I save                       those clear plastic berry and salad containers for smaller things I don't want to lose in my big               storage.I also get free boxes at Sam'sClub. I add some dollar store file folders and badabing                 badaboom, I can keep all of my resources upright and vertical, which is way easier to shuffle               through looking for what I need. And everyone has a ton of paper moving through their                       house at any given time. Ads, junk mail, cards people send, those return envelopes you never               use. Grandkids' art. There's a reason they call them junk journals (not that I'm calling                          grandkids' art junk).
Well, that's a pretty good start to how in the world can a person afford to have a paper crafting hobby. And hey, every now and then someone wants to buy a journal which where did I put that 40% off coupon?     ;)    Happy crafting!

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