Wednesday, November 18, 2015


So, let's talk crafting while traveling. Whether on vacation, business or visiting family, I like some creative down time. I travel with my hubby and while he is doing his thing, I'm at the motel doing mine and I love it. Usually, I like to take this time to do small things: jazzed up paperclips, small banners or medallions that I can use later to fancy up journals and my favorites, tags and journaling cards. What do you bring, you may ask. My must haves:
1. corner punch. 
2. paper trimmer
3. small and larger scissors
4. a small cutting mat (wouldn't want to mar table top)
5. I like to bring my envelope punch board since it has so many uses besides envies
6. two sizes of circle punches
7. my metal ruler and craft knife
8. paint brushes, hole puncher, awl for journal binding..and my tapestry needle and string
9. a baggie of lace, buttons, small pieces of ribbon and papers for making paperclips fancy
10. lined and plain paper to fill journal
11. card stock, cardboard (already cut into tags) decorated paper for journals and for tags and journaling cards
13. glue stick, tacky glue, mod podge and double sided tape
14. ink pads
I put all of this into a large plastic case I got at HobbyLobby and I am good to go.

Happy travel crafting :)