Thursday, January 14, 2016


Okay...  that title is a little jarring but you know what I mean. Why is it that it is more fun to plan out something than to actually do it. I read an article in the paper that agrees with me. A poll showed that  people were happier while planning their vacations than they were when they returned from said vacation. Now its true that they just might not have been happy to return home, but the gist of the article was there was joy in the planning with none of the troubles that doing something will always include... late airplanes, getting lost, long lines, etc. Well, I find I go through the same thing while making journals. I LOVE planning them. I love putting the right papers together, maybe dying some. Picking out envelopes or making them. Which stamps to use, what colors of ink. Choosing journalling cards and making tags. Joy exceeding great joy. I race down to the craft room and PLAN. Then, when all is ready and stacked and its time to put the journal together....cue the crickets. Ugh, Cutting out the papers to the right sizes, Stamping the pages (why oh why can I not stamp straight). Sewing the pages into the book. Why is this a chore? I haven't a clue. Is it just the nature of the beast? Ask me to go shopping to buy more stamps or dies, I'm there. Ask me to choose which stamps or dies to use and I'm a little quieter, ask me to sew that thing together and finish it already and I can think of a million things I have to do instead. A lady on youtube calls these things her in "I need to finish my PHD" (projects half done). So, there you have it. Thanks for letting me rant a bit. Its now time to grab a cup of coffee and get to work on my PHD    :D

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