Friday, January 1, 2016


Well, we made it to 2016. 2015 saw some great days and some not so great days, But I praise God in each of them. I started last year with a bread making hobby and after too many pounds gained, moved on to a journal making hobby. The new hobby only makes our bank account lose weight, though I've been able to sell a few journals and photo journals. Now, having spent the ENTIRE last day of 2015 cleaning the craft room and sorting through all the paper, I have come up with a few New Years Resolutions for myself. Here goes:
1. Do not keep any paper smaller than 3x3 inches. Even if it is very very pretty.
2. Turn scraps into something else within two days.
3. The to do basket may only have two projects in it at a time.
4. Put everything away right away.
5. Designate certain days for certain Sunday- watch yt videos to get ideas and play with           Cuddlebug Monday and Tuesday--journal making, Wednesday-         paperclips. Thursday-                  embellishments. Friday--tidy up. Saturday--walk away from the craft room
6. Remember this is FUN. Don't get overwhelmed.

As for the rest of my life, I think these resolutions fit there, too. Here's to a shiny new year :)

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